How to create Website that use OpenLiteSpeed + Apache

We’ve discussed about Apache being used pararrel with OpenLiteSpeed in our privious doucment here. In the privious document we’ve discussed about what it is and its benefits. In this document we will learn how we can create a website that use OpenLiteSpeed + Apache.

Before moving forward you need to order a VPS through our platform and make sure it is already up and running, you can follow our order guide for more details regarding this.

Creating Website using Apache as Back end




Go to Services -> Services -> Click Manage, you will see a page where you can do basic management of your managed CyberPanel VPS, it will look something like:




Once there click Manage CyberPanel, it will take you the to page where you can manage various aspects of your server including creating a website. From top right corner click Create Website, and you will land on a page that will look like:



Here you can create website, fill all the details and make sure you check Apache as Back end. If this is your first website where you selected Apache it will then take some time to install Apache and PHP-FPM. Stay calm while the sites get created.


Please note that if your server have LiteSpeed Enterprise checking Apache as Back end will not make any difference because LiteSpeed Enterprise already offer all the features that Apache has to offer.



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