OpenLiteSpeed + Apache on CyberHosting Platform

At CyberHosting we use CyberPanel. We have a product line called CyberPanel VPS, this product line make use of OpenLiteSpeed web server. OpenLiteSpeed is fast and Event driven web server and have intelligent cache module that can help you achieve much better results when compared to NGINX or Apache. You can read this post as to why people start to use OpenLiteSpeed server.


However OpenLiteSpeed does not fully support .htaccess rules, also there is no support for custom php.ini files in OpenLiteSpeed.


Thus at CyberHosting we developed a solution where you can use Apache behind OpenLiteSpeed.

How that works?


On front end still you use OpenLiteSpeed, on backend Apache is configured. Thus you can still benefit from OpenLiteSpeed cache module and get similar speed benefits plus full support of .htaccess rules and custom php.ini files.


You can set inidividual websites on your server to either use OpenLiteSpeed purely or use a mix of Apache + OpenLiteSpeed.


You can also convert later between OpenLiteSpeed and Apache setup at any time, in our later tutorials we will learn how we can make use of this feature.


Learn How to create Website that use OpenLiteSpeed + Apache

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