FTP 550 No such file or directory

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files between clients and servers. It is the fastest way to upload your file on the server. If you are using CyberPanel, you can also use File manager, but it is always recommended to use FTP to transfer large files to your server. However, as with any other software people face an issue with FTP as well. In this tutorial will discuss one FTP error called ‘FTP 550 No such file or directory’. This means file or folder does not exist.  Today will see what are the main reasons behind this error and how to fix them.


However, if you are our customer and use our managed vps service, feel free to contact us via helpdesk to get this issue resolved.


What is FTP 550 No Such File or directory


We will first see what actually is FTP 550 No Such File or directory error.


5xx errors with FTP means complete rejection from the server. Which means that your FTP client such as Filezilla sent an FTP command which remote server fails to accept and returns with 5xx families of error.


It is also related to File system issues, for example, the FTP users do not have access to the folder you are trying to access or upload content too.


What is the main cause of this error


1. Wrong Permissions 


If your folder or files have wrong permissions this will also cause ‘FTP 550 No such file or directory’. This happens when the user does not have enough privileges to edit or open file they are trying to access. So if you are using CyberPanel avoid uploading files via root SFTP account, because those files will then be owned by root account and you can then can’t access those files via FTP.


If you have already done so, make sure to click Fix Permissions from the file manager. Or you can log in to ssh via root, then first find out the user of your website by running:


ls -la /home


This command will tell you the owner of the directory who owns your document root, you can then run following commands to change owners of your document root


chown -R user:user /home/


Also, this status code occurs when you try to GET a file that does not exist.

2. Incorrect Path 


FTP 550 No such file or directory can also occur if you are trying to upload file to an incorrect path.  Such as if the file is present in the document root of your site at /home/ and you are trying to upload from /home.


The easiest way to get around the incorrect path is to logout from FTP, and log in again. You will then land in the default FTP folder and from there you can easily navigate to the folder you want to upload file to.


3. Wrong Mount Point 


Sometimes users mounts filesystem at a certain mount point but they don’t configure it to retain after reboot. So after server reboot that mount point does not exist anymore. In such case when they login to that FTP account they usually see 500: No such file or directory, because that mount point does not exist anymore.


Make sure to remount the file system and make it persists during the reboots.


How to Create FTP Account In Cloud Platform



Once the website is created, click on your service ID. You will be brought back to the page where you can manage your sites created in the CyberPanel.



Click the launch icon.



From the left sidebar, click Create FTP Account under FTP. Fill in all the details and click Create FTP button. You can leave the path empty and default path will be used which is usually document root of the website (i.e. /home/ But if you set some path such as helloworld the final path will be relative to document root such as /home/


FTP Account is necessary to upload your website/application files. But if you are going to use our Auto Installer creating FTP account is not really necessary.


You can also use default File Manager of CyberPanel to manage files of your website, but for large uploads, FTP is recommended.

1 – Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)

Containerization feature via our Cloud Platform (CyberPanel v1.8.4 and above required, currently only CentOS is supported) offers to limit website resources. With containerization you can limit various system resources for a website, cgroups are used on the back end to enforce these limits. You can limit:


  1. CPU Usage.
  2. Memory Usage.
  3. Network Usage.
  4. Disk Usage (IO and IOPS)


These limits are applied to all processes forked under a website user (Such as lsphp processes). You can use ls -la /home command to find out user of each website. LiteSpeed Webserver forks php processes for sites using these Linux user accounts. If there are no limits applied a single tenant can use all available resources on your system.


Next: Apply Limits to Websites

Switch Sites Between Pure OpenLiteSpeed and Apache + OpenLiteSpeed

In our privious documented we’ve discussed how you can create a website that use Apache as back end server. You can read about it here. If you want to learn more about this feature you can do that here. But let say if you have initially created website without using Apache as back end server, what can be done then? Answer is very simple, you can use Apache Manager to switch to Apache plus OpenLiteSpeed or vise versa at any point.

Switch to Apache + OpenLiteSpeed


Nagivate to Services -> Services -> Click Manage on Related Service -> Click Manage CyberPanel


There you will see list of websites, click on Launch Icon for the website you want to perform switch on. Then you will land on following page:



From the left menu under Apache Manager Click Switch. You will then land on page where you can switch to Apache + OpenLiteSpeed or pure OpenLiteSpeed (if site is on Apache + OpenLiteSpeed) with one click.



Here just select the desired PHP Version and click the switch button, you can see that button says Switch to pure OpenLiteSpeed as this site was originally created with Apache as back end.

Automatic Support System

How To Create a Support Ticket


To create a support ticket client must log in to CyberHosting  Cloud Platform. In CyberHosting Cloud Platform go to support section ‘Create Ticket‘ is to be clicked. Then you see ticket support form, where you need to click on ‘Department‘ and In the menu the best issue which describes the technical issue is to be selected. Next is very import ‘Subject‘ here you have to enter the subject of issue you having. and in the last box you have to describe the issue you are facing.


Support Ticket Form 



By clicking on ‘Create Ticket‘ you will successfully submit the ticket.


List of Tickets 


You can see the submitted ticket by going to ‘List of Tickets‘ under support section in your CyberHosting Cloud Platform. Every ticket has its own unique ticket id and client will be notified if Support Staff reply your ticket, you will get notified on your email address.


CyberHosting Cloud Platform support stuff active 24/7 you contact them any time.


Support tickets are extremely helpful in the circuit of Web Host Managers and is used by many big business houses nowadays.


OpenLiteSpeed + Apache on CyberHosting Platform

At CyberHosting we use CyberPanel. We have a product line called CyberPanel VPS, this product line make use of OpenLiteSpeed web server. OpenLiteSpeed is fast and Event driven web server and have intelligent cache module that can help you achieve much better results when compared to NGINX or Apache. You can read this post as to why people start to use OpenLiteSpeed server.


However OpenLiteSpeed does not fully support .htaccess rules, also there is no support for custom php.ini files in OpenLiteSpeed.


Thus at CyberHosting we developed a solution where you can use Apache behind OpenLiteSpeed.

How that works?


On front end still you use OpenLiteSpeed, on backend Apache is configured. Thus you can still benefit from OpenLiteSpeed cache module and get similar speed benefits plus full support of .htaccess rules and custom php.ini files.


You can set inidividual websites on your server to either use OpenLiteSpeed purely or use a mix of Apache + OpenLiteSpeed.


You can also convert later between OpenLiteSpeed and Apache setup at any time, in our later tutorials we will learn how we can make use of this feature.


Learn How to create Website that use OpenLiteSpeed + Apache


Services of  CyberHosting Cloud Platform 


In services section you can manage various aspect of your ordered services with in the platform. If your state is in active mode, this mean your service is currently active and ready to use. You can see monthly charges and registration date as well.



How to Cancel Service 


If you want to cancel the service you can click on Manage button, you will navigate to another page where you can see the Cancel button at the bottom. By Clicking that you can easily cancel it. Please note that upon cancellation your data will be lost, so make sure you backup your data before cancelling.

Ordering Services through our Platform

How to order Services 


In order section of our Cloud Platform you can easily order your service. By clicking on the order button, drop down will open where you can see the list of services offered by CyberHosting. As you can see the picture down below:



CyberPanel VPS On DigitalOcean


Lets suppose you select CyberPanel VPS On DigitalOcean, by clicking on that you will proceed with your order to another page. Where you have to select your VPS deployment location, please choose the location nearest to you for better performance and speed. And at the last you have to choose the plan to complete the order (Note: First 3 days of order service is free of cost without any credit card to insert, If you decide to cancel after first 3 days, you won’t pay us anything).


CyberHosting provide a customized managed solution to automatically provision your VPS in desired location with Cyberpanel, all within few minutes of time.  You don’t need to worry about anything. Login details of your VPS and CyberPanel will be sent through automatic emailing system to your email address.


Enjoy your 3 days Free Trail, and feel free to contact us if you need anything!


Register to Our Cloud Platform 


To access our Cloud Platform you have to register first.

From where you have to fulfill the fields:

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Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Sign Up button. After signing up to CyberHosting Cloud Platform you get 3 days free trail period to check our services, without any credit card required.



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