Automatic Support System

How To Create a Support Ticket


To create a support ticket client must log in to CyberHosting  Cloud Platform. In CyberHosting Cloud Platform go to support section ‘Create Ticket‘ is to be clicked. Then you see ticket support form, where you need to click on ‘Department‘ and In the menu the best issue which describes the technical issue is to be selected. Next is very import ‘Subject‘ here you have to enter the subject of issue you having. and in the last box you have to describe the issue you are facing.


Support Ticket Form 



By clicking on ‘Create Ticket‘ you will successfully submit the ticket.


List of Tickets 


You can see the submitted ticket by going to ‘List of Tickets‘ under support section in your CyberHosting Cloud Platform. Every ticket has its own unique ticket id and client will be notified if Support Staff reply your ticket, you will get notified on your email address.


CyberHosting Cloud Platform support stuff active 24/7 you contact them any time.


Support tickets are extremely helpful in the circuit of Web Host Managers and is used by many big business houses nowadays.


Billing System

Billing System in Our Platform 


CyberHosting Cloud Platform equipped with a powerful and flexible billing system. You just need to go to billing section of client area and add your funds for hosting services. There are two ways to add funds in CyberHosting Hosting Cloud Platform:


1. Add Funds via Credit Card



2. Add funds via PayPal



You have to Add funds after 3 days of free trail period!


After Adding funds you can see the amount is successfully added to your account, on the same page you can see your transaction history at the bottom.




Services of  CyberHosting Cloud Platform 


In services section you can manage various aspect of your ordered services with in the platform. If your state is in active mode, this mean your service is currently active and ready to use. You can see monthly charges and registration date as well.



How to Cancel Service 


If you want to cancel the service you can click on Manage button, you will navigate to another page where you can see the Cancel button at the bottom. By Clicking that you can easily cancel it. Please note that upon cancellation your data will be lost, so make sure you backup your data before cancelling.


Register to Our Cloud Platform 


To access our Cloud Platform you have to register first.

From where you have to fulfill the fields:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Password


Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Sign Up button. After signing up to CyberHosting Cloud Platform you get 3 days free trail period to check our services, without any credit card required.



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