Secure SSH

How to Secure SSH 


Securing SSH is one of the most important task of a system administrator. CyberPanel allows you to change SSH port, disable root login and save your SSH keys.


Basic SSH Secure 


Go to Security > Secure SSH



On this page you can control two settings:


  1. Change Default SSH Port.
  2. Allow/Disallow Root Login.


SSH Keys


To add your SSH keys, you first need to generate a pair of a public/private key.

On your local machine


  1. cd ~/.ssh
  2. ssh-keygen -t rsa -f cyberpanel -C root


This will generate two files cyberpanel and

You need to copy contents of 

Go to SSH key section click on “Add key” and paste the content in the following box:




Now on your local machine you can login without needing a root password using:

  1. ssh -i ~/.ssh/ [email protected]<IP Address>





Add Firewall Rule


CyberPanel follows deny all rules except for the ports opened by default, you can see default opened ports at: Security > Firewall



  1. Give this rule a name.
  2. Select protocol from dropdown either tcp or udp.
  3. Enter which port to open for specified protocol.
  4. Click ‘ADD’.

This will add rule and reload firewall.


Delete Firewall Rule


Just click on the cross button on right side of the rule, this will delete the rule and reload firewall.

Managing Users

How it works


By default there are three kinds of ACLs created upon fresh installation:

  1. admin
  2. reseller
  3. user

These three ACLs cannot be deleted or modified, however, you can create more custom ACLs.

Note: You can Manage CyberPanel in our Cloud Platform with extra features in it which are only available in CyberHosting Platform.


You can create new ACL by setting the following credentials to your new users:



Custom ACLs


For Custom ACLs click on “Manage CyberPanel” Button as showing in picture below:



then Click on “Create New ACL







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