2 – Apply Limits to Websites

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  1. Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)


To apply limits navigate to Containerization "Order ID" /Containerization . Once there click launch, so that you can manage limits for the site. Click Edit to set the limits. You will see default limits but they are not currently applied.

Limits Explained


You can apply 4 type of limits, and they are explained below.


CPU Percentage


Amount of CPU a certain website/user can use. On a Multi-core system user will get assigned share on each CPU Core. But CPU usage calculation will be divided by total cores on system. For example if website is assigned 10% CPU on a 4 core system, they will get 10% share of each CPU core.


If website start using 10% CPU on all 4 cores the average usage will then be 10% (40 / 4 = 10%)




Memory usage specifies the amount of RAM the website can use. User processes may be killed by kernel if they try to allocate more ram.




Disk I/O speed allowed for the website such as 10MB/s. This limit is not the same as IOPS  described below.




IOPS is different compared to IO, this specifies number of IO operations that a website user can do per second.


Network Speed


This specifies upload/download speed of the website user.

1 – Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)

Containerization feature via our Cloud Platform (CyberPanel v1.8.4 and above required, currently only CentOS is supported) offers to limit website resources. With containerization you can limit various system resources for a website, cgroups are used on the back end to enforce these limits. You can limit:


  1. CPU Usage.
  2. Memory Usage.
  3. Network Usage.
  4. Disk Usage (IO and IOPS)


These limits are applied to all processes forked under a website user (Such as lsphp processes). You can use ls -la /home command to find out user of each website. LiteSpeed Webserver forks php processes for sites using these Linux user accounts. If there are no limits applied a single tenant can use all available resources on your system.


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