.htaccess 301 redirect

Table of Contents What is .htaccess?.htaccess redirect 301Single URL redirect:Entire domain redirect:HTTP to HTTPS redirect:HTTP TO HTTPS redirect in CyberPanelHow to 301 Redirect WordPress Content Using .htaccess in CyberPanelWhat is Error Document in .htaccessCyberPanel and .htaccess What is .htaccess?   .htaccess is a configuration file used by Apache Web Server Software. Through .htaccess file, you Read More

Secure SSH

Table of Contents How to Secure SSH Basic SSH Secure SSH Keys How to Secure SSH    Securing SSH is one of the most important task of a system administrator. CyberPanel allows you to change SSH port, disable root login and save your SSH keys.   Basic SSH Secure    Go to Security > Secure SSH   Read More


Table of Contents Add Firewall RuleDelete Firewall Rule Add Firewall Rule   CyberPanel follows deny all rules except for the ports opened by default, you can see default opened ports at: Security > Firewall     Give this rule a name. Select protocol from dropdown either tcp or udp. Enter which port to open for specified protocol. Click Read More

Managing Users

Table of Contents How it worksCustom ACLs How it works   By default there are three kinds of ACLs created upon fresh installation: admin reseller user These three ACLs cannot be deleted or modified, however, you can create more custom ACLs. Note: You can Manage CyberPanel in our Cloud Platform with extra features in it which Read More


Table of Contents Getting StartedCyberHosting And Cloud PlatformGet Started By RegisteringOrdering Services through our PlatformServicesSupportBillingApache ManagerOpenLiteSpeed + Apache on CyberHosting PlatformHow to create Website that use OpenLiteSpeed + ApacheSwitch Sites Between Pure OpenLiteSpeed and Apache + OpenLiteSpeedContainerizationIntroduction to Containerization (Website Limits)Apply Limits to Websites  Getting Started   CyberHosting And Cloud Platform Get Started By Registering Read More