[Solved] HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

Table of Contents HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailableServer Side IssueRefresh the pageUsing our Apache as Backend FeaturePHP FPM is downService UnavailableCheck various log files503 Errors due to PHP MalfunctionDisable PHP OPCode Caching (xCache, ACP or eAccelerator)No space left on /tmpPHP memory_limit reachedmax_execution_time reachedConclusion HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable Web servers such Read More

cPanel Alternative: CyberPanel! Hosting Control Panel for LiteSpeed

Table of Contents CyberPanel for freeCyberPanel paid or CyberPanel EnterpriseWhat should I choose, CyberPanel or CyberPanel Enterprise?Features that come with CyberPanelStep 1: Get your self a VPSStep 2: Update DNS for your domainStep 3: Create Website in CyberPanelStep 4: Creating an FTP AccountStep 5: Creating a Database AccountStep 6: Backup StrategyConfigure Backups to AWS S3Configure Read More

OpenLiteSpeed vs NGINX

Table of Contents Install h2load (nghttp2)Make sure to Enable HTTP2 on NGINX ServerLet’s test a small static file of 725 BytesStatic file of size 2MBTesting a simple PHP Hello World ApplicationLiteSpeed Cache vs FastCGI Caching with NGINXWhy OpenLiteSpeed Cache Module is better?What is wrong with NGINX Based FastCGI CachingBenchmarking LiteSpeed vs NGINX for WordPressOpenLiteSpeed and Read More

2 – Apply Limits to Websites

Before reading this document you must read:   Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)   To apply limits navigate to Containerization https://cloud.cyberhosting.org/servers/manage/ "Order ID" /Containerization . Once there click launch, so that you can manage limits for the site. Click Edit to set the limits. You will see default limits but they are not currently applied. Limits Explained   You Read More

.htaccess 301 redirect

Table of Contents What is .htaccess?.htaccess redirect 301Single URL redirect:Entire domain redirect:HTTP to HTTPS redirect:HTTP TO HTTPS redirect in CyberPanelHow to 301 Redirect WordPress Content Using .htaccess in CyberPanelWhat is Error Document in .htaccessCyberPanel and .htaccess What is .htaccess?   .htaccess is a configuration file used by Apache Web Server Software. Through .htaccess file, you Read More