CyberHosting Philosophy

Enabling people to do more by bringing their ideas ONLINE…

Enabling people

CyberHosting was born on 26 April 2019 by the sole purpose of allowing people to do more by putting time back on their day. We offer managed services with 100% satisfaction so far.

Every company have a plan and business model. Our plan was to grow slow and provide quality to our clients, which is why is always choose our clients carefully, and once we choose them we make sure they stay with us for long period of time. Our current client include large agencies to huge eCommerce sites staying with us for almost 6+ months and all of them are super happy.

Meet out Team


Mark Foster


Sanjeev Verma

Support Head

Umar Mughal

Sr. Support

Shaheer Farooq

Jr. Support


WordPress Developer

Shoaib Khan

Jr Support

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