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Speed, Security, Optimizations, Reliability and Satisfaction == CyberHosting

We at CyberHosting know exactly what kind of issues you faced with your previous hosting providers because we did too ourselves before. Which is why we have made CyberHosting specially made for CyberPanel. If you are planning on using CyberPanel on your VPS then this is the right place you’ve come at. Being an exclusive Managed CyberPanel provider we know it from inside out and hence we can provide you a better experience than anyone else.

We offer Shared Hosting on CyberPanel and CyberPanel VPS. Our CyberPanel VPS has two variations, simple CyberPanel VPS that includes OpenLiteSpeed web server and CyberPanel Enterprise VPS that includes Enterprise LiteSpeed web server giving you more speed and extra features.

Having approximately over 8 years of web hosting industry experience we are the sole VPS provider of the industry-leading open source web hosting control panel CyberPanel. We know inside out of CyberPanel so we are the first and only web hosting company providing CyberPanel specialized web hosting. But that’s not all, below are some sneak peek of why we are the best!!

Features that Define CyberHosting


CyberPanel and LiteSpeed

The first thing that differentiates us from other providers is the use of CyberPanel and LiteSpeed Servers. Its all about more speed and reliability in the least possible cost. We treat each customer in our own unique way depending upon their business and needs.


Special Customer Onboarding

In our special customer onboarding process, we listen to the needs of our customer. During which we provide consultation of various kinds and help them choose a better solution to their problem. We also help our customers with Email Se ups and MySQL optimizations.


Different kind of Managed Support

We provide a different kind of managed support. Support in which we make sure that your online businesses are running super fast and secure. From server hardening to website optimization we do it all and do it the way it should be done.


Cache Plugins

If your website uses a popular CMS there is already a chance that an official LiteSpeed cache plugin is already available. You can install and enjoy a true benefit of full-page cache without a need of reverse proxy between your end-user and web application.

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